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                  Development history
                  • Seed Stage(1982-1995)

                    In 1982, Wang Guosheng graduated from high school;
                    In 1988, Wang Guosheng engaged in the marketing of medical equipment;
                    In 1993, Wang Guosheng raised 20000 yuan, Tuoren group began to create;
                    In 1995, the first successful research and development of transparent intubation tube, filling domestic production gap of the tracheal catheter ;

                  • star-up Stage (1998-2004)

                    In 1998, the first production base was put into operation in Mancun Industrial Park;
                    In 2002, the second production base with an area of more than 130 acres in Menggang Industrial Park completed and went into production;
                    In 2004, Henan Tuoren Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established in Zhengzhou;
                    In 2004, Xinxiang Tuoren Best Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established;

                  • Grown-up phase (2005-2011)

                    In 2005, Henan Tuoren group was established;
                    In 2005, Tuoren Group Party branch was established;
                    In 2006, the products obtained CE certificate from European Medical Device Quality Management System.
                    In 2007, Product Research Institute was established;
                    In 2008, Beijing Tuoren International Trade Co., Ltd. was established;
                    In 2009, the first Tuoren group nationwide High-Level Forum on Industry-Academia Research in the Medical Field successfully held.
                    In 2009, the State Council awarded the title of "Home for the Handicapped";
                  • Grown-up phase (2005-2011)


                    In 2010, selected "health newspaper" vice chairman of the board unit;

                    In 2010, it set up a joint R & D center for medical polymer new materials with Beijing University of Chemical Technology.
                    In 2010, donated 3 million yuan to build the first two-track primary school accessible in Henan Province;
                    In 2011, donated 10 million yuan for social assistance for the disabled;
                    In 2011, Tuoren group party branch was established;

                  • Nature Stage phase(2011-)

                    In 2012, Tuoren Health Technology Industrial Park started construction;
                    In 2012, Henan Tuoren Kingtaek Medical Device Co., Ltd was established in cooperation with Liaoning Kingtaek Co.,
                    In 2013, "Henan postdoctoral research and development base" was established;
                    In 2013, Peking University "Student Social Practice Base" was established;
                    In 2013, the Fourth Summit Forum on the Integration of Production, Teaching and Research for the Development of Chinese Medical Care was successfully held.
                    In 2013, Tuoren group has been the public welfare practical base for the youth members of China Disable Persons' Federation.

                  • Nature Stage phase(2011-)

                    In 2013, Tuoren Group started to establish a "centralized distribution" (CGPO) service model with Chinese characteristics.
                    In 2014, the first exposition of Henan Medical Device (Marketing Channel Construction Forum) (Ninth Tuoren Medical Device Fair) was successfully held in the Tuoren Health Technology Industrial Park.

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