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                  Company Profile

                  Tuoren Medical 

                  Tuoren is a healthcare solutions provider, focusing on medical consumables and extending to electronic medical devices, surgery devices and biomedical materials. As a promising enterprise, Tuoren steadily pushes forward merger and acquisition, joint venture and open collaboration to realize diversified development. Since its foundation, Tuoren keeps moving on. By now Tuoren has had over 50 subsidiaries, more than 220 kinds of products with over 1880 specifications mainly in the field of Anesthesia, Pain Management, Nursing, Diagnostics, Surgery, Hemodialysis and Intervention. Widely recognized for its superior service, competitive price and innovative value-added solutions, Tuoren is dedicated to designing, developing and distributing safe, user-friendly and state-of-the-art medical devices to its customers.

                  Company Culture
                  TUOREN CONCEPT
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