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                  Museum of Medical sciences

                  Release time:2017-7-13


                   Museum of Medical sciences

                  Museum of Medical sciences is the first public medical museum in China. It aims to collect, rescue and protect the historical evidences and data during the development of Chinese medical history. It is committed to the inheritance and development of medical culture and becomes a platform for Chinese medical training and education, also an exchange platform for medical industries.
                         The museum have Anesthesia Museum of China, Nursing History Museum of China, Healthcare History Museum of China, Medical History Museum, Enterprise Cultural Museum and Comprehensive Hall inside. It was opened to public in 2015, and was equipped with multi-functional meeting rooms which could accommodate different amount of persons and undertake different forms of exchange activities such as academic exchange, business forum, society and magazine conferences, and inspiring education.
                        Since its opening, Museum of Medical sciences has received more than 70,000 medical workers and people from various circles of society, which plays a big role in medical promotion and social education. . Now it has become “Medicine Education Base” of some medical academies and “Social Practical Education Base” of teachers and students from several medical universities. Furthermore, the museum has been invited to participate in the annual congress of medical societies, arousing more people’s interest to trace medical history and becoming a window to show the Chinese medicine history and achievement to the world. 


                   Healthcare History Museum of China



                   Medical History Museum




                  Anesthesia Museum of China



                  Nursing History Museum of China



                  Comprehensive Hall



                    Anesthesia Education Base of Chinese Society of Anesthesiology


                   Medical Education Exchange Base of Changzhi Medical College


                     Medical Practical Education Base of Hebi Polytechnic University

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