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                  Tuoren Medical join in the MEDICA

                  Release time:2017-11-14

                         The world's largest and most comprehensive professional medical equipment industry exhibition,MEDICA (German International Medical Device& Equipment Exhibition) is held on 2017.11.13-16  in Dusseldorf, Germany. More than 5,000 exhibitors from 68 countries attended the MEDICA fair, in which more than 800 were Chinese exhibitors, second only to host Germany.

                  As an exhibitor, a professional group has been designated to participate in this exhibition. Our booth displays a variety of products, including anesthesia products, nursing products and surgical products. The new products like LOR Indicator syringes and the video laryngoscope attract more attention of domestic and foreign merchants. Our colleagues have always taken an enthusiastic and patient attitude to communicate with customers, and many customers at the scene consult with us for more details, expressing the wish of In-depth cooperation with us. Through this exhibition, we not only reach the intention of cooperation with many customers, but also make many new alliances in order to understand the latest market information of medical and health industry and broaden an international view, which provide the opportunity for the later Development of Tuoren Medical. Tuoren Medical will take more mature and professional attitude to provide professional and efficient solutions for the prosperity and development of the medical and health industry.



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