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                  The 13th Tuoren medical device exposition achieves huge success

                  Release time:2018-2-27


                      The 13th Tuoren medical device exposition is held by Tuoren Medical in Tuoren health industrial Park City, Changyuan City, Henan Province,china. This exposition provide  a sevice platform which can create the chance of discussing Police ,industrial information exchange, business exchange ,promoting product and docking the supply and demand. The exposition has been successfully held for 13 consecutive years from 2005. This exposition has set up for 4 four forums, including policy exchange forums, new technology of industry forums, new product forums and product expositions. A total of 260 enterprises participated in this exposition.  This exposition successfully enhances the combination of medical treatment and medical devices, bringing some professionals together to develop better medical device and products which will provide better medical services for Chinese people. 

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