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                  Tuoren Group Indian Subsidiary’s Debut in Chennai Medicall

                  Release time:2018-7-31

                  India’s largest medical equipment exposition—Chennai Medicall was held at Chennai Trade Center on 27th-29th July, 2018. The three-day international exhibition attracted more than 5,000 medical equipment manufacturers, 15,000 hospitals, dealers and distributors from more than 60 countries and regions. There were more than 6,000 products on display. The Indian subsidiary of Tuoren Group also participated in the exhibition, showing most of our products and receiving strong praise. Local doctors have shown great interest and purchase intention to Tuoren’s products.

                  On July 28, our staff took the products to the St. John’s Advanced Airway Management Conference and Workshop in Bangalore, India. A doctor in chennai saw the pictures of workshop demonstration and then came to our booth to inquire about the products.

                  Our staff discussed the products with the local doctors at the exhibition and collected the doctor information.

                  Endotracheal Tube



                  Blockbuster Laryngeal Mask Airway

                  LOR Indicator Syringe

                  Video Laryngoscope


                  Collect doctor information

                      Our staff also took the initiative to lead other doctors back to the booth to learn about the Anesthesia Kit and LOR Indicator Syringe.

                      The Indian agent of Ambu Company is interested in our Video Laryngoscope.

                      In addition, our staff also communicated with the original agent.

                  This is the debut of the Indian Subsidiary of Tuoren Group since its establishment. Congratulations to the successful debut!

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