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                  Declaration about oversea offical website

                  Release time:2020-5-18

                  Recently, we find a fake website with our customer supporting. Its domain name is http://tuorenjituan.com/list_14.html, The infringer constructs this fake website oversea with label ‘TUOREN’, which is our company brand. The product sold on this fake ‘TUOREN’ website. These unauthorized behaviors seriously infringe our brand image and credibility to international customers. These infringements and illegal behaviors also make strong negative impacts on our oversea market and position.

                  We declare that:

                  1.    http://www.www.dongblove.com/en/ is our unique official domain name of oversea. Any other website with label ’TUOREN’ that sell, issue or use ‘TUOREN’ label to do any commercial activity without authorized officially are defined as illegal, embezzle and infringement. It violates benefits of our stakeholders Once we find, we have right to investigate and affix legal liability.  

                  2.    Any product with label ‘TUOREN’ brand was purchased from other unauthorized channel, we do not take any responsibility.

                  We order the infringer to cancel the fake website ASAP. If the infringer ignores this, we will use collected evidences and take any necessary measures and legal method to investigate and affix legal liability. 


                  We are very appreciated to customer who is supporting and protecting our ‘TUOREN’ brand.



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