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                  The inspection work conference was held by National Food and Drug Medical Device

                  Release time:2013-8-09

                      On July 25 -26, the National Food Drugs and Medical Devices inspection work conference held in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. State Food and Drug Administration of Party members Mr Sun attended the meeting.
                      Mr Sun pointed out that China's food and drug safety situation is generally stable for the better, but the food industry towers, development levels, the field of hightech pharmaceutical fraud and other issues more prominent, we must rely on science and technology to effectively avoid and resolve risks.Especially in food and drug regulatory system reform, regulatory task more difficult, greater responsibility, and therefore should pay more attention to strengthen inspection work.
                      Food and drug regulatory inspection and testing is the cornerstone of the system is the monitoring inspection must always rely on force.Mr Sun stressed that the integration of inspection resources, promote inspection system is changing focus on strengthening the functions of the content. Food and drug inspection and testing system, institutional reform should seize the opportunity to adapt to the new needs of food and drug supervision work to improve and strengthen food and drug inspection and testing capabilities, and establish a national inspection agencies as a leader, as the backbone of the provincial agencies, cities and counties in two institutions as the mainstay, supplemented by thirdparty testing agency inspection system; To speed up the construction of information technology to enhance key technologies, quickly seized technology and hightech research studies to enhance capacity building inspection, food and drug supervision work to continuously improve the scientific level.
                      At the meeting, China Research Institute of Food and Drug Testing Li Yunlong, said inspection work is in the transformation and upgrading of the mark, the progress of reforms in seized homes and provincial agencies synchronization. Reform period, inspection systems have the bigger picture, to obey regulatory needs, serving the public health needs, to build China doping upgrade.

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